Archery By Bill


Through hard work and patience,
I have been able to acquire some of the best archery sponsors available today.
My Mathews Conquest 4 fits me perfectly in both competition and bowhunting.

Victory Archery makes the best arrows.
Spine aligned for not only straightness but the weight is within .01 grain between a dozen arrows.
Vapor Trail bowstrings are simply the best strings & cables.
Strings & cables, arrive within a couple of days and they are always the perfect length.
Shrewd Archery is my choice for sight and stabilizers.
Their sights are easy to adjust, bright sight pins and durable as hell.
Stabilizers have helped me to shoot higher scores at every competition.
Bowhunting changes my setup as I add G5 Striker broadhead to my arrows.
I was an Associate Member of the Pope & Young Club for 31 years.
In 2015, I acheived Regular Member as only the 3rd Regular Member from Georgia!
I am also serving as an Official Pope & Young Measurer.
The beginning of 2017 has been Perfect!
It started with the Kennesaw Archery North Georgia FITA Indoor that I placed 1st
then onto the GBAA State/NFAA Sectional Indoor Championship
I placed 1st in both events and set new indoor records for both events!
The State Target Championship was a real challenge shooting for the first time in a
Classic 600 Round.
That format is 40, 50 & 60 yards shot at a 92 cm target.
Add a little wind and things get real interesting.
I managed to place 4th again at the National Senior Olympics in Birmingham.
I now have two Pope & Young Record Book Animals

2006 Quebec-Labrador Caribou scored 305 5/8"

2011 Georgia Black Bear scored 19 8/16"
Currently ranked as the 10th largest black bear shot with a bow & arrow in the state of Georgia!